TEDxBuffalo is put on each year, from start to finish, by an all-volunteer team.

Allow us to introduce ourselves:


Alex studied biophysics at the University at Buffalo and works as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. She enjoys right-brained hobbies – interior design, learning about social issues, making furniture, and giving tours at the Richardson Olmsted Campus.


Anthony was on the internet before the first browser was invented. Anyone remember Gopher? How about compiling the early releases of Mosaic on a Sun SPARCstation? Yeah, I was there. Somewhere in my basement there is a functional Mac Plus and a couple of Engineering degrees I picked up along the way. When I am not in front of a computer, I am either watching, playing or coaching hockey. I love all things TED. Keep your stick on the ice and try turning it off and on again before calling IT.


Gabriella serves as the social media coordinator for La Galleria Event Venue. In her time away from work, she is an active volunteer through the Diocese of Buffalo and Vive La Casa: A Program of Jericho Road and has recently travelled to Thailand to teach English through Tree Top Country Eco Volunteer Foundation. She is thrilled to join the Buffalo TEDx Team in 2017!



Devang is excited to be a part of the TEDx Buffalo team after following TED talks for as long as he can remember. He recently moved to Buffalo from Los Angeles after receiving his PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Southern California. He currently works in research & development at an industrial gas company. In his free time, he volunteers for various causes, including STEM awareness amongst middle/high school kids, particularly amongst those from minority backgrounds.


Lauren is a lifelong learner and longtime TED and TEDx lover. She has a bachelor’s in music education from SUNY Fredonia and a master’s in higher education administration from Buffalo State. By day she coordinates admissions for the School of Social Work at UB. In her spare time, she can be seen singing, dancing, and pretending to be other people on various stages across town.


Keith has been at this a while. His interests include life, the universe, and everything. Keith asks a lot of questions. Sometimes he even remembers the answers!


Jamie is delighted and honored to be in her second year as a member of the TEDxBuffalo team. She is a graduate of SUNY Fredonia with bachelor’s degrees in music (voice) and psychology. She is an active singer in the Buffalo area and has worked in a variety of different industries. Because of this, she continues her lifelong fascination with the psychology of human performance. She is a huge advocate of TED because she strongly believes that by learning together, collaborating and celebrating our our diversity, we can build stronger communities and a better world. Her cat, Lucy also thinks Jamie is the best cat-mom ever!


Emily is a proud Buffalonian excited to join the TEDx team this year. She has a dual degree in Community Mental Health and Nursing from the University at Buffalo. She has a lot of energy for community events, teaching fitness classes at Revolution Buffalo, and coaching soccer with Westside International. When not busy pursuing these hobbies she can be found eating donuts, sampling new IPA’s at local breweries, or making her own soap!

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