TEDxBuffalo 2018


TEDX Buffalo 2018 featured compelling stories from our own community that many may have not been aware of.  Take a look at the TEDx Buffalo 2018 Speakers.


TEDxBuffalo 2017


More than 500 people attended this sold out event.  Enjoying several food trucks prior to the start of the event, attendees packed the house to see the largest lineup in TEDx Buffalo History.  Here are the 2017 Speakers.


TEDxBuffalo 2016


The largest attended TEDx Buffalo event to date, we discovered our own city, our planet and a lot about ourselves. Take a look at what the 2016 Speakers had to offer our community.


TEDxBuffalo 2015


From the venue to the time, the fifth annual TEDxBuffalo changed things up. From decoding the dreams of the dying to a moving (literally) look at Earth’s 13.8-billion-year history, small acts of kindness to examining community building principles through a children’s TV show, TEDxBuffalo 2015’s speakers used their time on stage to “Illuminate” new ideas to the audience at Babeville.


Click the following links to learn about 2015’s speakers and sponsors and see photos from the event.


TEDxBuffalo 2014


TEDxBuffalo 2014, our fourth annual event, featured our fantastic speakers sharing their ideas “In Motion” with the audience (and those watching at our remote viewing sites). The day included the creator of a digital machinima opera, a Bollywood dancer and the brains behind the University Heights Tool Library, among many others. And, yes, Lloyd’s and the afternoon cupcake break were back!



Click the following links to learn about 2014’s speakers and sponsors, view the live stream of the event, see photos and take a peek behind the scenes of TEDxBuffalo 2014.


TEDxBuffalo 2013


The third TEDxBuffalo event saw 15 “Renaissance Citizens” present 14 wonderful talks. Heart bombs, puppets, imaginary science, hubcaps, dinner tables and chiptunes were all discussed in front of a record-sized crowd of 350 people. Also? Afternoon cupcakes.



You can also learn more about this year’s speakers and sponsorsread more about TEDxBuffalo 2013 and view photos!


TEDxBuffalo 2012


Our second event brought 10 speakers and two performers together around the idea that “The World in Your Backyard”. A (literal) backyard astrophotographer, a man who saw a new world above his fridge, the start of a global local commerce movement, pop-up playgrounds and more shared, passed and celebrated their ideas among 100 attendees.



You can also read more about TEDxBuffalo 2012 and view photos!


TEDxBuffalo 2011


The first TEDxBuffalo event filled out a long weekend in Buffalo, with 13 speakers and two performers taking the stage in front of about 100 audience members to present their ideas. Under the theme of “No Permission Necessary”, there were burritos and pulled pork, a morning beer and a stage-diving man in a lobster suit — and a tradition was born.



View photos and read more about TEDxBuffalo 2011!