A Note From TEDx Buffalo

At TEDxBuffalo, our hearts go out to the victims and families affected by Saturday’s racist shooting in Buffalo. In a city where so many good people are working to make real change, we realize just how much work still needs to be done and how many more still need to participate in this change. We are heartbroken.

In light of this tragedy, we know that the mental health of the Black community is paramount, now and in the weeks and months ahead.

As such, we are choosing to release one of our 2021 talks early and separately from the others.

We highlight TEDxBuffalo 2021 speaker, Karl Shallowhorn, a 20 year veteran in the field of mental health, as he showcases factors affecting mental health in the Black community, such as racism and police brutality. While boldly sharing his own struggles and story, Shallowhorn discusses how these racially-driven factors are leading to higher rates of depression and anxiety in Black communities. Most importantly, though, he gives some solutions to combat these and ways that all of us, no matter our race, can help improve mental health conditions in the Black community.

Please give Karl’s talk a listen.