Without further ado, four more of the speakers you’ll see at TEDxBuffalo 2013 on Oct. 15, 2013. Like what you see? Apply to attend the event, or make plans to be at the Buffalo & Erie County Central Public Library.

Bryana DiFonzo & Bishnu Prasad Adhikari


The New American Dream: How Refugees Are Revitalizing Buffalo

About: Bryana moved to Buffalo four years ago and has been the Manager of Volunteers at Journey’s End Refugee Services for 1.5 years. Bryana loves Buffalo and is dedicated to being part of its renaissance through volunteering, blogging and building friendships within refugee communities. She attends the University at Buffalo’s Professional MBA program and is a board member of Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo. Bishnu was born in Bhutan and lived there until he was forced out of the country at age 23 because of his ethnicity. He spent 17 years in a refugee camp in Nepal, where he trained all the teachers in the camp, served as a community administrator and volunteered supporting victims of violence. Bishnu resettled to Buffalo in 2009 and works at Journey’s End Refugee Services, helping people in his community transition to a new life, find jobs and celebrate their culture. Web: Journey’s End Refugee Services

Cameron Garrity


The Power of Puppetry

About: Cameron Garrity is a Graphic Designer and Puppeteer who recently graduated from Daemen College. Garrity has studied alongside the country’s most influential contemporary puppeteers at the National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. He also specializes in graphic design for puppet festivals and events, including Buffalo’s own Geppetto Festival: A Day of Puppetry, an annual event at Daemen College, which Garrity created.

Courtney Creenan


Recovery Through Design

About: Courtney is a member of the five-person design and fabrication team responsible for Elevator B, an urban habitat for bees. All five team members completed the design while finishing their masters degrees in architecture while at the University at Buffalo. She has since become an amateur beekeeper and is now a project coordinator at Flynn Battaglia Architects in Buffalo. Web: Hive City

Stuart Fuchs


Ukulele, Naad Yoga & the Healing Presence of Music

About: Stuart Fuchs has worked as a performing musician, teaching artist and workshop facilitator for over 15 years. He plays several styles of guitar and ukulele, as well as the Aboriginal Didjeridoo. He has toured and performed in concert halls and at festivals, as well as collaborated on arrangements of Django Reinhardt’s Gypsy Jazz music for Symphony Orchestra. For over five years, Stuart has worked as an Artist-in-Residence at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, where he shares the healing nature of music and the creative process with patients, families and hospital staff. Stuart has studied improvisation and holistic music education with Grammy-winning cellist/composer David Darling and is a certified Music for People ™ instructor. He has presented his “Awaken the Creative Soul” program at yoga centers across the U.S., Costa Rica, Bermuda and Thailand. Stuart is a deeply dedicated Yogi and has practiced yoga and meditation for over 15 years. He is experienced in the use of Naad Yoga (yoga of sound), Mantra and Kirtan (sacred chanting) for wellness and personal transformation. Web: Stu Fuchs