This year’s TEDxBuffalo event is bigger than ever. The audience is at least 2.5 times bigger, the cameras are likely doubled in number, and the stage has more ideas and performances than ever. Check out the first four speakers we’ve announced, and look for more soon.

Blah, yada, etc.– here’s how to get a ticket to the Montante Cultural Center for Oct. 15, 2013: Fill out this form to apply for a ticket. While we have more room this year, we still don’t have room for everyone who might want to attend, and we’d like to have more new faces in the crowd this year.

Not everybody can take an entire day away from work on Oct. 15, or make it to downtown Buffalo. So we’re also going to have a live web stream of the day’s talks, right here on this site. And we will also offer a full-day remote viewing at the downtown Buffalo & Erie County Public Library (with details to follow soon).

Again: Fill out this form, and you’re in the running to get a free ticket to the 2013 event. See you there.