Sincere thanks to everyone who attended our informational meeting Wednesday at the Main Washington Exchange.

Here is our full set of notes from the meeting. To sum up the more important bits:

  • TED corporate needs to hear from the TEDx Buffalo team about our current situation.
  • Kevin Purdy plans to communicate with TED and find out the details of both the TEDx Buffalo licensing and the nature of the 100-person limit.
  • A decision needs to be made about when the next TEDx should be held, on two different fronts:
    • Hold a modest-scale event, sooner rather than later? Or take roughly a year’s time to plan something very notable?
    • Launch the event during what time of year, after waiting how long to apply for a license?

Those are the basic challenges TEDx Buffalo faces at the moment, aside from the (numerous and myriad) nitty-gritty details. Another major aim aired at the meeting was more regular updates on TEDx Buffalo’s progress, posted publicly on the web, and we aim to provide that. We’ll also be cleaning up the site a bit, too.

Thanks again to all those who could make it to Wednesday’s meeting. Interested in seeing what happens next? “Like” TEDx Buffalo on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or email [email protected] to introduce yourself.