Email workers of the world unite!

Note: Maybe none of those things in the headline truly deserved an exclamation point, individually. But put together, they’re kind of exciting. Like free candy. Which we don’t have. Sorry.

I’d hoped to have minutes and notes from our last meeting up much sooner. But the meeting was loosely structured–and productive, inspiring, and a great promise of things to come. So here’s the short version: we’re meeting again, to finalize a date and set up our committees.

The details on our next meeting:
What: Meeting of TEDxBuffalo volunteers (and anyone interested in joining up)
When: 6pm Wednesday, June 8
Where: Room 311 in Lyons Hall, at Canisius College, 2001 Main St., Buffalo. Parking in Lyons Lot 4.

The Why of the meeting is generally two-fold: to get people onto committees, so we can start formalizing our meeting schedule and get people moving, and set a target date, so there’s something specific to move toward.

Here’s a draft of our committee lineup, though it may certainly change. And as for a date, we’re taking suggestions, though with an eye toward a 4-5 month turnaround from now, and with good reasoning: another compatible event happening, perhaps, or just other fortuitous timing.

If you’re itching to serve on a committee for TEDxBuffalo, show up at Wednesday’s meeting, or send your three top picks to [email protected], along with an introduction and short bio, if you haven’t already introduced yourself. After this week’s meeting, we’ll likely be formed up into committees, though we’ll have plenty of gigs and spaces for newcomer volunteers!

Finally, if you want to keep in touch with what’s going on with TEDxBuffalo, you can sign up for our newsletter. We’ll email when there’s a meeting happening, provide regular updates on milestones we’ve hit, and you’ll get a jump on the general populace when it comes to applying for a seat. We’ve pasted the sign-up form below.

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