• When: 6 p.m. June 23
  • Where: Room 418, Lyons Hall, Canisius College (2001 Main St., Buffalo)
  • What: We’re going to tackle a few things specifically:
    • We’ll firm up committees, and give those committees some things to do
    • We’re going to work on our “elevator pitch,” or outcome, for TEDxBuffalo: What’s the thing we want this event to be, exactly?
    • We’re going to look at venues that are available and run down their pros and cons
    • Kevin P. will try his best to answer questions about licensing, sponsorship, and other niggling questions that have come up.
  • Who should come: Anybody who’s interested in helping out! We’ve put some people on committees, but there’s still room in a few areas–specifically the sponsorship and logistics areas. If you’re new, come and introduce yourself. If you’re already on the team, we’ll see you there!
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