Temple Grandin during her TED talk. Image by Steve Jurvetson/Flickr.

As we noted recently, TEDxBuffalo is required to show TED talks videos at its annual events—but we really like that requirement. It’s like making a mix CD, for a party where every single person is eager to hear your selections, in a room perfectly tailored for talks and performances.

One of our favorite artists from those mixes, Temple Grandin, is speaking at a Future Horizons conference Nov. 8 right here in Buffalo at Statler City. If you’re at all interested in autism in learning environments, classrooms, careers, or other topics, you should register and grab a ticket (with discounts for students and other groups).

We played Grandin’s “The World Needs All Kinds of Minds” at our first event, TEDxBuffalo 2011. I remember how strange it was to row after row of people not looking down at a smartphone, not fidgeting in their seats, but just taking in a compelling narrative about how we learn, how we teach, and what we can do differently to unlock the potential of unique minds. Seeing how engaged people could be with just a well-picked video is one of the things that made TEDxBuffalo seem like something that could be ongoing.

Grandin’s talk is embedded below. Your chance to see her speak in a workshop-type setting, for much more than 18 minutes, is coming soon.