The TEDx Buffalo team must unfortunately announce that the first TEDx Buffalo event will not occur as planned on April 7, 2011. Our core volunteers are discussing an event for a future date, but for the time being we’re working to reach out, inform, and apologize.

TEDx Buffalo started out in the early fall of 2010 as a shot-in-the-dark application for a local license to TED, the global Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference with the mission of promoting “Ideas Worth Spreading.” After approval, weekly meetings were held, volunteers gave their best efforts, and lists of potential venues, speakers, related events, and other goals were generated.

Unfortunately, we didn’t meet those goals. We received a lot of support from the community including many creative professionals willing to give their time, talent, and resources to the project and its planning, usually for free. A handful of intriguing and influential speakers were contacted and considered. Some micro-donors and corporate sponsors were very patient with our all-volunteer effort. But it was a young effort and we made mistakes in planning and organization that we deeply regret, and which couldn’t be overcome as the deadline approached.

Even if TEDx Buffalo does happen at a later date, we’re saddened to have inconvenienced anybody in the pursuit of an event that didn’t come together.

TEDx Buffalo volunteers will be reaching out to the attendees, speakers, and other parties involved in the planning process in the coming days. If you have questions regarding TEDx Buffalo, or if you were involved with the event and need clarification or further discussion, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you, Buffalo, for your support, your good will, and for giving us an amazing community of people with which to work. TEDx Buffalo could have been, and might still be, a great thing, and it could only happen here.

~ The TEDx Buffalo team