We’re excited to finally be able to share with you our dozen speakers from the inaugural TEDxBuffalo event on Oct. 11, 2011, along with the TED Talks we screened that day in the Montante Cultural Center at Canisius College.

Here’s a YouTube playlist with all our talks, arranged in chronological order. We’re working on getting up video from our wonderful performers: Alfred Brown and Ken Keech (a.k.a. “The Crowd-Surfing Lobster”). We also have a photo collection on Flickr, shot by the excellent Scott Freeman, and a Storify stream that captured a lot of the TEDxBuffalo 2011 social web activity.

Want to preview them or watch them all in a row? The entire playlist is embedded below, with one video following the next. Click to play the video, then switch between talks by clicking the tile-ish icon to the left of the closed captioning (cc) button. Below that, find the TED talks shown to our live audience.

Thanks again to our generous speakers and performers.