Tom McManus speaking at TEDxBuffalo 2012
Photo by Ryan Delmar (@rjdelmar) on Twitter.

Once again, the TEDxBuffalo team is humbled by the sum of the talks, the performances, the conversations, and the community spirit that were generated in one day at the Montante Cultural Center. To those who could join us on Oct. 9, 2012, and particularly to those who spoke, sponsored, and contributed their time, energy, and talent toward a free, not-for-profit event, we thank you.

At the moment, the TEDxBuffalo team‘s time and energy are going into editing the conference’s presentations, gathering and posting the photos and social media reactions, soliciting feedback, and some housekeeping items.

In the meantime, here are some items that offer a glimpse into what happened at TEDxBuffalo 2012:

More to come, just as soon as we’ve had a chance to put it all together and think it all through.