TEDxBuffalo 2013 Red Dot

Photo by qrush/Flickr

A whole bunch of talks, ideas, burritos, volunteers, sponsors, and efforts came together yesterday at TEDxBuffalo 2013. If you missed the Oct. 15 event, want to revisit it, or need to learn a bit more, read on.

What Happened

Fourteen presenters, many of them new to speaking at non-technical conferences, spoke from the stage at the Montante Cultural Center at Canisius College. More than 350 guests saw them speak at the venue itself, and more than 150 others were watching live at any given time (with thousands of overall views registered).

You can watch the archived live stream from TEDxBuffalo 2013 on Livestream.com. It’s a bit disorganized, and only up for the time being. We’re working with our video team to edit all the talks for uploading to the official TEDxTalks YouTube channel and our own channel: inserting slides, choosing the best of four camera angles at each moment, and so on.

On the social media front, you can look through TEDxBuffalo’s Instagram account, our Facebook feed, scroll way back through our Twitter stream or the #tedxbuffalo search. We’ll have our official photographers’ photos sorted through and posted very soon.

The Background

Months before the show got underway, our very generous sponsors gave us the resources and confidence to spend time on this one day of ambitious ideas. Before that, a select group of very generous individuals helped us “Grow TEDxBuffalo” and invite many more people to share that day.

Entirely unpaid and overtaxed volunteers (Note: that linked list is quite incomplete) organized the day and its particulars. Finally, our very talented speakers dealt with months of questions, edits, rehearsals and some occasional technical uncertainty.

We have been, for three years and running, amazed and grateful that we’re able to make this happen.

Want In on Next Year?

Attending? Like our Facebook or Twitter for updates on when we’re getting ready to offer up tickets.

Sponsoring? Liked what you saw? Want to help make next year a reality and get exposure to a smart crowd? Email [email protected].

Volunteering? Same deal: email [email protected], and we’ll start talking.

Speaking? As above, you should watch us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on when we’ll be open to speaker applications again.