Hi TEDx friends,

We are excited to remind you that tickets for TEDxBuffalo 2016 are going on sale September 1st. That’s less than a week away! 

But wait! (you may ask) I didn’t have to pay to go last year. What gives? 

Well, as much as we enjoyed reading through the applications in years past, we decided to change it up this year for a few different reasons.

First, we want to make sure that we have a full house for our amazing speakers, and as the saying goes- if you charge them, they will come. Seriously though, we are hoping that since you are paying $8 to attend that you will be less likely to flake out because your cat looked sad that day.

Also, even though TEDx is completely planned and run by volunteers, the space, sound, and video all come at a price and the total cost of the event isn’t completely covered by our sponsors. Your ticket will help us to put on an amazing event this year and years in the future.

So, bottom line: grab your friends, partners, parents, and other favorite people and grab your tickets starting Thursday! It is going to be a fantastic event and we can’t wait to see our speakers entertain, inform, and inspire you!  

TEDxBuffalo: Perceptions
October 20th, 2016
Asbury Hall inside Babeville
Doors open 5pm